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Mobile app growth agency focusing on monetization and activation

Our Services

Monetization & Subscription Optimization

Optimize onboarding, paywalls, and overall monetization strategy to increase ARPU/LTV and Revenue.

Monetize Better

Growth Consulting

Let us determine your growth low hanging fruits, retention drivers, improve messaging and positioning.

Grow Metrics

Performance Marketing

User acquisition strategies and management to optimize your CPA on Facebook Ads, TikTok, ASA, etc.

Succeed with Marketing

Web-2-App Funnels

We help you utilize Web-2-App growth opportunity in a powerful and easy way.

Grow Web-2-App

Legal Compliance

We offer a compliance audit and help you make your app compliant with GDPR and other policies.

Become Compliant

Refunds & Chargeback Optimization

Make sure your web chargebacks don't exceed 1%. We'll help you with that.

Optimize Chargebacks

Our Results

180+ A/B Tests After


Successful A/B tests


Average LTV increase after the 1st month of partnership


From signed contract to first real impact on metrics
(on average)

Our Approach

Data-driven decisions +
Visible impact in your dashboards

Our clients

Health & Wellness

We worked with both mature companies like
Loona, Fabulous, Fitonomy
And small startups like StrongHer, Soultime, Rise

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our clients

EdTech & Lifestyle

We helped Drops grow ARPU by ~30%,
We are also working with the lifestyle apps like Sanctuary or Jiggle

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